About me - Katherine Jennick

I believe there is brilliance in everyone!

During my 20 years as a Careers Adviser, Mentor, and Trainer I have had the pleasure to work with young people who are inspiring, resilient, entrepreneurial, and multi-talented but the thing that has always struck me is that many of them can’t recognise these strengths in themselves. And in recent years I have noticed that more and more young people have low self-esteem and really struggle with self-awareness. As a Careers Adviser I see first-hand the impact this can have when young people are making choices and planning for their future. So, I decided to do something about it and create an activity to allow all young people to shine! So in 2019, What’s your strength? ® was born!

Since the success of the original pack aimed at teenagers I have received stories from far and wide saying “It’s not just young people who struggle to spot their strengths, adults do too”. This got me thinking and I decided to create a new pack to help adults reflect positively on themselves and realise how amazing they are too! 

Why did I choose a card-based activity?

I have always found cards to be an inclusive and accessible resource which ensures people are actively involved. They are a really effective way to develop rapport and provide a safe space to open up conversation.

And what about the content for the cards?

During the development of the cards, I consulted with a Clinical Psychologist, Heads of Departments in local schools, and a Careers Coach at Dyslexia Scotland. I researched the Strength-Based Approach from Positive Psychology, Multiple Intelligence theories, and key employability skills. I conducted focus groups with Careers Advisers, Coaches, Teachers, Lecturers, Trainers, Social Workers, YOT Workers, and a CEO of a Children’s Charity. And most importantly, I trialled it with teenagers and adults and I was thrilled to find that they found the activity really helpful.

Why fireworks?

This idea came from the creative mind of one of my daughters. My two girls are a constant source of inspiration to me so when I was coming up with the design concept for What’s your strength?®  it seemed only natural to get them involved. I asked my nine-year-old to think about what came to mind when I said, “What’s your strength?” She scurried off with her felt pens and returned with this…

The different colours represent different strengths and the fireworks are a celebration. Simple yet perfect. What’s your strength? ® is all about celebrating each person’s strengths and showing them how amazing they are! 

What’s my strength?

Probably my enthusiasm. I try to bring a positive attitude and an enthusiastic approach to everything I do, including developing these cards. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I did making them! 

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Katherine 😊 #WhatsYourStrength