About me - Katherine Jennick

I believe there is brilliance in everyone!

During my 20 years as a Careers Adviser, Mentor, and Trainer I have had the pleasure to work with young people who are inspiring, resilient, entrepreneurial, and multi-talented but the thing that has always struck me is that many of them can’t recognise these strengths in themselves. And in recent years I have noticed that more and more young people have low self-esteem and really struggle with self-awareness. As a Careers Adviser I see first-hand the impact this can have when young people are making choices and planning for their future. So, I decided to do something about it and create an activity to allow all young people to shine! So in 2019, What’s your strength? ® was born!

Since the success of the original pack aimed at teenagers, I have also created a pack for adults to  reflect positively on their life experiences and discover their own unique set of skills and qualities. The most recent and very exciting development was a collaborative project with the Skills Builder Partnership to create a pack for young people with additional needs – Let’s get started!

Why did I choose a card-based activity?

I have always found cards to be an inclusive and accessible resource which ensures people are actively involved. They are a really effective way to develop rapport and provide a safe space to open up conversation.

And what about the content for the cards?

During the development of the cards, I consulted with a Clinical Psychologist, Heads of Departments in local schools, and a Careers Coach at Dyslexia Scotland. I researched the Strength-Based Approach from Positive Psychology, Multiple Intelligence theories, and key employability skills. I conducted focus groups with Careers Advisers, Coaches, Teachers, Lecturers, Trainers, Social Workers, YOT Workers, and a CEO of a Children’s Charity. And most importantly, I trialled it with teenagers and adults and I was thrilled to find that they found the activity really helpful. 

The third pack to join the collection – Let’s get started! – was a truly collaborative project and was created with Skills Builder Partnership, and the amazing students at Carlton Digby School, Manor Green College, and Nottingham College.

And there’s been an exciting new development in 2023….  In September, What’s your strength?® was validated by Children’s University so young people can get a stamp for using the cards. For more information on claiming a stamp for the teen pack click here and for Let’s get started! click here.

Why fireworks?

This idea came from the creative mind of one of my daughters. My two girls are a constant source of inspiration to me so when I was coming up with the design concept for What’s your strength?®  it seemed only natural to get them involved. I asked my nine-year-old to think about what came to mind when I said, “What’s your strength?” She scurried off with her felt pens and returned with this…

The different colours represent different strengths and the fireworks are a celebration. Simple yet perfect. What’s your strength? ® is all about celebrating each person’s strengths and showing them how amazing they are! 

What’s my strength?

Probably my enthusiasm. I try to bring a positive attitude and an enthusiastic approach to everything I do, including developing these cards. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I did making them! 

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Katherine 😊 #WhatsYourStrength