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This pack of What’s your strength?®Let’s get started! – has been made in collaboration with Skills Builder Partnership. The cards have been adapted to make them accessible for young people who need things simplifying a little. They are larger in size, have engaging photographs, and the words have been carefully selected through consultation with educators working in Special Educational Needs (SEN)

If you experience any problems ordering, please email me at katherine@whatsyourstrength.co.uk and I’ll be happy to help.


Whether you support primary age children, learners with additional needs, or young people who just need things simplifying a little, this pack of cards will empower them to:

  • Develop self-awareness
  • Discover their own skills and qualities
  • Improve their confidence and self esteem
  • Understand how their day-to-day lives help them build essential skills
  • Discover which activities could help them develop new skills
  • Reflect on how their skills link to different jobs and careers

The cards are colour coded so young people can explore strengths related to their school subjects using the green cards, or their hobbies and life experiences using the purple cards. The words on each card link directly to one of the Skills Builder Essential Skills.

Each pack comes with an instruction leaflet which includes tips and ideas for using the cards as well as a link to the downloadable glossary. There are also suggested links for using the cards alongside other Skills Builder resources.

What makes this pack extra special is the amazing young people involved in its creation: the talented photography students at Nottingham College and the wonderful students (models!) at Carlton Digby School and Manor Green College.


Let’s get started! is validated by Children’s University and you can get a stamp for using the cards, for more information on claiming your stamp head here.


All What’s your strength?® cards have been designed in line with Dyslexia Scotland’s Dyslexia Friendly Communications guidance as far as design constraints allowed

Designed and made in Nottingham, England

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